Governance —

The President

The president wears two hats simultaneously, namely he acts as the president of the administrative board and as the legal representative of the association, being responsible towards third parties. He reports to the administrative board and to the members of the association, taking care that there is a free flow of information between stakeholders. Another important aspect of the president’s responsibilities is the disbursement of funds.

Administrative Board

The administrative board acts as the management body of the association and takes care of the implementation of the associations goals as defined in the statute. The administrative board steers the developmental direction of the association and is responsible for creating general resolutions and organisation of day to day activities. The administrative board also decides on membership related issues.

Milos Tanjevic


In addition to serving as the president of the CCA, Milos is employed in the banking sector as the head of corporate special credit for the Serbian division of a multinational banking group. He has been directly or indirectly involved in corporate compliance for the past 15 years and often acts as a speaker at conferences on the topic, during which he hopes to live out his passion for shaping curious minds in the field of compliance. As a graduated student of international law and with several corporate law, risk and compliance courses under his belt, Milos particularly enjoys finding ways to transfer paper-based legal framework into information technology systems.

Milan Vucetic

Milan’s specialisation of choice is energy law and he has been active in this field for many years. As a member of various professional associations and bodies, Milan is well respected by both the academic and business community for his unique insight into the intricacies of the laws that govern the energy sector. Over the years, Milan has held various positions in a variety of projects related to the energy sector. Milan radiates compliance and he actively works towards getting more and more businesses and individuals to appreciate the importance and benefits of operating in a business environment where corporate compliance holds sway.

Marko Petrovic

Marko has gained significant experience in the field of compliance through the various compliance related positions that he has held in international companies like Raiffeisen and Siemens. His unique experience lies in the area of compliance related to the banking, telecoms, gambling and IT. His involvement in a large cross-section of industries serves as the foundation from which he assists with the creation of corporate framework for large companies.

Ana Bajovic

With an acute eye for detail and precision, Ana has been involved with the creation of regulatory directives in the National Bank of Serbia for the first part of her long career in compliance. She has taken her deep understanding of regulatory measures in the financial sector with her to the private banking sector, where she is now engaged as the head of compliance for a large European banking group. Ana has gained further experience in international finance and regulatory issues through her postgraduate studies in co-operation with a French university.

Milos Lakovic

As an attorney specialising in mergers and acquisitions, Milos is experienced in the tricky compliance issues surrounding large corporate transactions. Milos gained international experience during his time as an associate in a top-tier Dutch legal practice, where he also sharpened his foreign language skills. Milos enjoys expressing his creative side in the form of various published academic works on the topic of corporate compliance in the field of energy. He is currently involved as a partner in one of the premier law firms in Belgrade and works in co-operation with Schoenherr law offices.

Milos Bogdanovic


As one of the younger member of the management team of the Corporate Compliance Association, Milos brings a lot of energy and passion to the team and to his position as association secretary. He started his legal career as a trainee in the prestigious Schoenherr law firm where he assisted in the closure of corporate transactions. Milos has acted as a speaker on the topic of compliance numerous times and has won several awards and prizes for his contribution to the field. His main interests and specialisations are anti-corruption, anti-trust and consumer protection. Milos also serves as the CCA’s link with universities and corporates. In his day to day job, Milos serves as the head of the compliance team for the Serbian division of one of Europe’s largest banking groups.

General Assembly

The general assembly is the highest governing body of the organisation. It is made up from all the members of the association and during its annual session resolutions are adopted, financial reports are discussed and appointment and dismissal of administrative board members are carried out. The general assembly has the deciding vote on joining other local and international associations.